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The theme of our episode, and perhaps the greatest power, is big data! The data, which has become the biggest trump card held in many fields, from business world to politics, is almost a treasure in the hands of biggest companies. When researching data analysis and strategies to make the data more meaningful, we compared the article taken by Leandro Dalle Mule and Thomas H. Davenport in the Harvard Business Review. This article provides a detailed description of how companies have their own data and companies should have the data what kind of.They emphasized that they had virtually no use of the facilities of the companies in their hands, and in this article they reported their opinion that most companies did not have a clear data strategy. Today, however, each company must have a data strategy, be able to organize, direct, analyze and use data assets correctly. There is no point in keeping the raw data alone and storing it. In order to understand the data, it is necessary to process it, analyze it and determine the strategy of how to use it.

There is something you should know; to develop a data strategy and use data analysis is only half of the war. In fact, implementing a successful strategy does not mean simply giving your sales team the output of graphics, charts, and analyzes and telling them to continue with them. More like; it requires a careful assessment of when and how these data will best be applied in accordance with the strategy.

The framework of the data strategy described in the article in HBR; each distinguishing between different objectives, activities, and architectural data defenses and data attacks. What businesses need to do is accurately define the balance between these two strategic components. Today we see many companies with petrified structures that focus almost entirely on defense.When we think in a simple level, the big data strategy of companies is the goal; to increase the quality of service and to increase customer satisfaction by making successful decisions. Companies that establish close relationships with their customers and sign business models that will make them happy will implement a largely correct strategy. It seems fairly normal for companies to have a big influence on their business, while analyzing the information gained in the field, such as customer experience optimization, risk management, content analysis.In the hands of business world, there is a fairly large amount of data. But having the only data is not enough. At the same time it is not enough to analyze the data. For companies that do not clearly focus on the goals they set, it may not even be enough to have a data strategy.Knowing when and how to implement an owned data strategy is often as important as data and is the key to changing the future of a company.No matter how well developed your data strategy is, you can be one of those institutions that will step into lucrative jobs when you know when and how to implement that strategy and how you will measure your success.

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