What are the Contributions of Big Data to Sectors?

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One of the most exciting developments in the field of information and communication technologies, related to big data. Understanding the growing importance of big data is considered to be the key to catching the essence of the digital era.

Let’s start by dividing the expression into two to understand what big data is. The word “data” comes from the expression “datum“ in Latin. The meaning of this word can be expressed as the actual information in the raw state. So data alone doesn’t mean anything. In order to make it available, it must be processed.

Processing the data determines its usage areas. Let us give an example of a real life to better understand this. Imagine that we have an apple orchard. Everything related to this orchard is a part of the big data. Production capacity alone does not give us any information. An overview of this capacity throughout the years or comparison of it to seasonal differences would give meaningful insights.

At this point, we can say that the data is divided into two. Structured data, and unstructured data. Examples of structured data include invoices that come to our home, the results of the centralized exams, or government services that we can access through the Internet. Examples to unstructured data are recordings of web surfing or clicks on the online ads.

Let’s go back to the example of apple orchard. Now imagine that there are hundreds and thousands of these orchards. Imagine that all the data on each branch of each tree in each garden is kept. Mineral and water flow from soil, photosynthesis and leaf growth, sun and shadow ratios, relative position of trees, all external and internal factors! When they are all combined, how much more data would appear! Here is the big data, it refers to all these records.

Now we know what big data is… But what about its function? As we saw above, it does not mean anything alone. So it needs to be processed.

Big data can be used to analyze all movements in a business and to guide decision makers to the right choice. It is possible to benefit from big data in every area of any operation!

Production: Big data analysis results can be utilized to save time, energy and labor and minimize production costs.

Distribution: Accurate analysis of factors such as quantity of product to be distributed, available distribution capacity, information on distribution routes, weather conditions affecting distribution; provide a perfect delivery operation.

Introduction: Behavior of potential buyers, service or product provider on physical or virtual platforms; click rates of ads or data on social media; determine the most ideal promotional strategy.

Human Resources: Large data can be used to optimize the working conditions for employees to work more comfortably and with more motivation. Big data is also useful in developing new projects and supporting business decisions.

Whether it be an apple orchard or a big holding; the data will always help for the better.

We looked at how large data can be used in any company. Let us come to the position of large data in different sectors alan Big data is created by recording every movement of life in every field. Therefore large data can be used in every sector.

City Planning: City and Regional Planning is one of the areas where big data is used. Local governments are examples of this. Big data can be utilized in areas such as how to use natural resources in a region, where the settlement can be built, and how to position production facilities for sustainable economic growth.

Public Services: One of the areas where the big data is encountered is public services. Big data can be used on issues such as access to services provided by the State, how much capacity of these services should be increased in time and transparency of public administration.

Health Services: One of the sectors where big data comes to the forefront is the health sector. Monitoring of disease and healing processes; development of preventive health services; Large data are important to improve the quality of services in areas such as child, disabled and elderly care.

Businesses: The main purpose of a business is to keep the cost low and the profit high. Big data on the process of doing this can help businesses. Increasing customer satisfaction, identifying the loss of customers, feeding the channels of new customers, product personalization and the right ads and businesses can also benefit from the big data.

As we have seen in the examples, the use of big data is very wide. Therefore, this area needs to be investigated in a good way and the issue should be properly assimilated.

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