The Things Which Known Before Study Machine Learning

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“What should I know before trying to learn machine learning?”

With this question we have encountered in Quora, we wanted to write an article about what should be known before we started to study on machine learning.

As a matter of fact, it’s a good time to start study on machine learning or artificial intelligence right now. Because there are a lot of resources on this issue and this area continue to develop. There are opportunities to use open source software tools from online resources for free. Of course, there are also difficulties. But instead of scaring and giving up, you should be better prepared to learn yourselves and know where to look before you begin. Now;

If you do not have a good background in programming, you can learn Python as a first step to study machine learning. Make sure it’s not hard as you think. By participating in just a few online tutorials, you can get enough knowledge about Python. Google’s Python class for developers is a perfect resource in this regard. In a short time you can quickly learn the programming language. You should also take a look at Udacity’s free introduction to Computer Science. It will allow you to strengthen your hand when entering a computer programming course.

Each machine learning algorithm will require another optimization. For this reason you will need to have a solid knowledge of multivariate mathematics and linear algebra. If you trust in yourself about mathematics, your learning process will easier than others. Of course, detailed information is essential to understand machine learning algorithms. You have to learn to calculate determinant and getting invers. To get a correct and good education, you can watch Prof Gilbert Strang’s training videos.

One of the topics you need to learn before you start to study machine learning is probability theory and statistics. It is imperative to get this information in order to understand what the machine learning algorithms will do. You can easily find an online tutorial that will help you. If you trust your English knowledge, it will not be too difficult to learn probability theory and statistics.

Participate in basic algorithm courses. Algorithms must be understood in order to comprehend machine learning in the best possible way. That’s why we take design and analysis courses on our suggested algorithms. You can try participating in algorithm design and analysis courses at Coursera.

As we said at the beginning, you are quite lucky to start to study machine learning. You can participate in many online tutorials for free and improve yourself. Even for machine learning lessons at basic level! You can also attend artificial intelligence entrance training at Udacity, then You can join Prof. Andrew Ng’s machine learning course. Machine learning courses designed by Stanford University will allow you to progress your course accurately and quickly. The language of the course is English, but it also has a subtitle option in other languages.

After completing all the trainings successfully, you will be taking a big step towards being a ‘data scientist’. While the most appealing profession of the 21st century is data science, you have to be excited to study machine learning. We hope that you will be able to protect this willing in all processes. You can also look at the article titled Data Science and Being a Data Scientist in 2018

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