Is the Profession of the Future Really Data Analysis?

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The world is becoming digital. Almost all kinds of communication is now online. Furthermore, digitalization is not only limited to that. Operations in every field such as banking, education, transportation, shopping are handled digitally. All these processes leave a data behind. Data security, data analysis, data collection and protection are not on the agenda. This increases the importance of data analysts every day. Data analysis is seen as the profession of the future. Well, is this really the case? We share the analysis with you.

Now is the time to look into the profession of the future! In simle words, data analysis is collecting and analyzing information. It aims at discovering useful information, informing the authorities about the results and supporting decision-making. It compiles, cleans, converts, and models the data.

Now let’s take a look at the job definition of the data analysts. What do data analysts do within their daily work? We will touch on it now.

In order to be a data analyst, you need to collect the data first! Data analysts collect data on various topics, according to the field that they are employed. Data can be collected from many different locations. Activities in social media accounts, data about search engines, information about other companies, evaluations about the performance of the marketed products… Any topic can be searched by data analyst.

Data analysts rely heavily on reporting. Reporting is made to ensure the communication of a company both inside and outside. The data analyst performs this reporting according to the company’s activities. Internal reports are required to increase efficiency and external reports are needed to manage relations with clients.

Data analyst is a profession where details are at the forefront. Data analysts catch some details that may seem insignificant at the first glance, but actually really important for the company. Therefore, analyzing data requires a lot of attention to detail.

Data analyst is a profession that needs to use many skills at the same time. Those who are interested in this profession can develop related skills over time.

Mathematical Skills

How are you with the numbers? If you are good, being a data analyst is the right choice for you! Mathematical skills are required for the future’s profession. These skills help analysts to collect and evaluate data. If the numbers give you happiness, if you like to deal with math, you’re in the right place.

Analytical Thinking

Another skill that is required for data analyst is analytical thinking. People who can work comfortably with big data and divide this data into meaningful and usable parts can easily do this job.

Critical Thinking

Something that doesn’t go right sometimes can be caught in the data analyst’s eye. To think outside the boundaries, and to turn bad conditions in favor of the company requires critical thinking. When looking at numbers and trends, it is necessary not only to think about finishing the report, but also to have a good perspective to cary the company further.

Attention to Details

We also talked about this at the definition of profession. Data analysts must pay attention to detail. For this reason, it would be correct for people with good details to choose this profession. Minor changes, deviations in trends, and differences in preferences may be key to companies. Therefore, data analysts require attention to detail.

Data analyst is a field that is gaining popularity recently. In the future, the demand for this issue seems to increase. However, at the undergraduate level, data analyst training is not given yet. To be able to do this profession the following sections are available: Management Information Systems, Informatics, Mathematics, Statistics, Knowledge Management, Industrial Engineering.

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