History, Current State and Area of Utilization of Big Data

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Big Data is one of the terms that are frequently encountered today. We can see this concept in different frames such as big data processing, big data analysis, big data science. Dan Ariely, one of Duke University’s world-renowned professors, made the analogy of “romantic relationships” of r young people in order to illustrate the confusion related to the big data:

Big data is like teenage sex; everyone says about it, everyone thinks everyone is doing it, so everyone claims that they are doing it knows

Here, you can find answers to some of the questions in your mind about big data!

Big data is actually one of the self-explaining concepts. It exactly means a lot of data. Data that contains as much information as a simple software cannot analyze is called big data.

The concept of big data first emerged in the 90s. John R. Mashey, a computer engineer from the United States, is the person that conceptualize the term. Big data is separated from other data groups by its analysis methods. It requires a number of techniques and technologies alongside with new integration forms to reveal information about different, complex, and large-scale data sets.

The size of the big data concept is often the subject of discussion. These measures are constantly changing as technology advances. As of 2012, data sets from several dozen terabytes to many exabytes of data are considered as big data.

Big data is more than just quantity. It is also characterized by both volume, speed and diversity.

Yes, we understand, big data is too big… Well, where does this data come from? In fact, big data is being produced by the people! Electronic devices that we use in our everyday lives, such as computers, smartphones or tablets; various data during use. Each message, each video, each photo are a data… Even each rating, each comment, every call is also a data. Each of these also consists of data. In other words, the information created by us in the big data that we are talking about.

Imagine that you have millions of stones in front of you. You’re looking for the smallest stone among these millions of stones. How do you deal with this? You measure the second with the first stone you get, maybe you decide that the third is the smallest. Then it becomes smaller than 78th; 637th is smaller, 19768th is even smaller. But you have to look at it one by one until you find the smallest stone. That’s how big data is processed. It takes a lot of time and expertise.

Since we have found an answer to the question of what big data is, let’s consider the areas of utilization… There are big data in every area that produces large speed, volume and variety of data. State administration, health, education, production, insurance and information technologies are used in areas such as.

One of the areas of use of large data is the advertising field. With the help of big data mining, the created data can be used to determine the needs of the people and to see which ads will be designed for their taste. There is a high possibility that you also experienced the following: you make search to buy a new phone, then you start to see ads on this phone everywhere telefon This is possible with big data analysis.

The big data and the analysis of this issue is certain to be the most important issues of today’s world and the future!

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