We know that graph theory is used in most computer modeling since its importance in solving problems with complex structures.

Generally, the main purpose of this theory is to reveal the paths or connections between two points. We can accept the birth date of graph theory as the year 1736, which is the date of the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler’s article on the seven bridges of Königsberg (Original: Die Sieben Brücken von Königsberg). So how did this problem, which is still popular today, emerge?

Everything actually begun when a problem arose in the city of Königsberg reached Euler’s ears. The…

The insurance sector is a sector targeted by those who want to gain unfair profit. Insurance fraud constitutes 3.58% of all fraudulent activities.

Insurance fraud is classified as “hard” or “soft” depending on its scope. Incidents in the hard category often describe a situation where a fraudster deliberately planned damage, such as theft, fire, or even a fake death, to receive payment from the insurance company, and such cases are usually carried out by large organized groups. The second category is to present the damage higher in cases such as car accidents, theft, and fire to claim higher compensation. …

While describing our ThothBI product, we use definitions such as “new generation business intelligence” and “the most modern decision support system”. There is a crucial transformation under the adjectives of “new generation” and “most modern”.

These definitions indicate a system that offers easier use and is developed in accordance with the use of all units in the organization, instead of the old complex business intelligence and reporting processes: Self-service business intelligence.

What is Self Service Business Intelligence?

Self-service business intelligence is an approach that allows users to access and analyse corporate data without the need for technical knowledge such as business intelligence, data mining, and statistical…

Different fraud methods are emerging with the developing technology. Detection of these methods with traditional data analysis is almost impossible.

On the other hand, every detail that seems insignificant causes serious losses for the banking and financial sectors. Globally large companies are now positioning graph analytics as their biggest weapon to reveal relationships in the detection of fraudulent activities carried out by organized groups. However, this transformation has not been achieved in our country yet. …

In our previous article, we discussed graph analytics which is the future data analysis technology. In this article, we mention the usage areas of this method in more detail.

All firms from different sectors take advantage of this method if they have a large volume of data. On the other hand, the use of this technology is now indispensable for some sectors.

Before discussing the problems that can be solved with graph analytics, we recommend you to take a look at our previous article about graph analytics.

Centrality Analysis: It provides an estimate of how important a node for network…

One of the technologies that have come to the fore with the rapid rise of the big data concept in the last ten years is graph databases. With the increasing data volume, the effect of graph databases for analyzing these data and revealing the relationships between them is frequently discussed. Graph technology is encountered even in our daily life. For example, along with social media platforms, suggestions such as “people you may know” and “you may also like” are some of the reflections of graph databases.

A graph is formed by nodes that represent the entities and edges or links…

In our article about GPT-3, we mentioned an artificial intelligence that can even write poems. While we are trying to comprehend an AI that can compose poetry and interview with historical characters, OpenAI has already developed another variation of the GPT-3.

This variation has 12 billion parameters and specialized in a different art branch. This variation can draw, design, take photographs that have never been taken and even illustrate. Moreover, it can create anthropomorphic * versions of animals and objects. The most interesting part of this technology and its distinctive feature is that all these works are completely created by…

2020 was quite a difficult year for every sector. During this period, it is hard to clarify the predictions and expectations for the future.

However, everyone agrees that a data-driven strategy must be adapted in order to survive in the business world. In this adaptation process, the first step is the integration of powerful data analytics and artificial intelligence systems.

The leading experts of industry such as Gartner, Forbes and Forrester agree on the rise of artificial intelligence technology. Gartner’s forecast for 2021 actually reveals the importance of the issue clearly: “By the end of 2024, 75% of organizations will…

With the data-driven transformation, data analysis methods, must improve themselves to understand and evaluate the exponentially increasing data world. Even if these terms are already used in the sector, they will be heard more frequently in 2021. In this article, we define these terms briefly.

“Data Meshes”, “Data Democratization”, “Continuous Intelligence”, “DataOps” and “Augmented Data Management” … These terms define new trends of data analytics. These trends are actually not new inventions; they refer updates of existing data science technologies.

Let’s get to know these trends more detailed.

Data Meshes

Excessive data is accumulating with great acceleration and radical changes…

There has recently been a huge technological revolution in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The most important feature distinguishes this latest technology from its previous versions is its data processing capacity.

In fact, due to GPT-3’s high data processing capacity, it is not possible to understand whether the content is created by GPT-3 or a human. So, let’s look at what the GPT-3 is and its features.

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (shortly GPT-3) was developed by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research laboratory. It was introduced on May 14, 2020, it has been using as beta version since July, 2020…

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