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“The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.
John W. Tukey

Listen to the story of data and see the big picture with Data Visualization

Before data visualization, let’s take a look at how our brain perceives visuals faster, hence this will enable us to understand the importance of data visualization more clearly. Compared to the text, an average person can perceive visual information much better. This is related to the fact that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and images are processed in the brain at 60,000 times faster than the speed of text.
Therefore, it was inevitable to use data visualization in big data analysis, which our perceptions should be much clearer and faster. Thanks to data visualization, which is developed to understand the difficult language of the data world consisting of complex numbers and letters, we are able to make stories of these data and transform them into much more easily perceivable aesthetic visuals. By this means, we can interpret the data much better and make faster decisions. We can consider this as mosaic painting, which is the art of creating portraits by combining independent images.
Our data contains crucial insights that can help us to move our business forward. However, if these insights that is effective for our business cannot be captured, the data remains as just a pile. It is not always easy to interpret these data correctly. With data visualization technologies, also known as “Interactive Visual Exploration”, we can highlight patterns and trends in data we research on, so we are able to listen to the story of our data and we can more easily notice the insights needed for our business. We can achieve this through manipulation of graphic images with graphics, colours, shapes and movements. …


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